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Parents as Partners

Working with Parents

Long Crendon Pre-School and Out of School Club believes that you as parents are the first educators of your children. We seek to work in co-operation with all parents and primary carers to meet the needs of the children and families that use our facilities.

We aim:

  • To support and enhance the development of your child, and to respect, understand and value the contribution you as parents make towards your child’s learning.
  • To recognise, respect and reflect our multi-cultural and multi-faith society. To treat all persons equally regardless of gender, language, faith, culture, ethnicity, needs or ability.
  • To communicate clearly and effectively with you on all matters pertaining to the Pre-School.
  • To provide support, guidance and encouragement to you as parents and educators.
  • To work with you, valuing your knowledge about your child and using that knowledge to form a baseline assessment on entry.
  • To provide opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress.
  • To communicate with you verbally, eg, daily chats, telephone, informal reports, etc. and in writing via letters, newsletters, policies and procedures, formal reports, emails, questionnaires and suggestion boxes.
  • To provide guidance, advice and the resources, if necessary, to support home learning.
  • To provide regular written reports to you giving details of your child’s progress.

For more information, please see the leaflet Parents as Partners (pdf, 296kb)

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